quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2008


With the invasion of the Technologies, it is our desire to bring to the school units an innovative way to stimulate the students to produce texts in a pleasant way without forgetting the methodologies and techniques that aim at a better learning and making it possible to subsidize its knowledge, therefore, it is made necessary to search for new forms of preparing ourselves to studying, working and living a better life.
Communication is basic, and nowadays, not having it, one will be excluded from society and development.
However, it is a necessary to prepare the students to understand and have a critical vision of these means of communication which do not have to be used in a functional or mere instrumental way, in this case it is really important to have a coherent and rigorous conception of the technologies so that one can understand how information is produced spread, consumed and its meaning.
The communication nets allow the process of distribution of information in real time, therefore the use of the internet is increasing each day at the school units.
We must search for new ways to prepare ourselves to the academic, professional and why not to say our daily routine.
We must be well equipped to help the students in their development, preparing them for university-admission exam, work and life.

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